Boy Band Jams

What are you doing for music during car rides with your toddler? I figured I’d be the parent who continues to play my regular podcasts and Spotify playlists, and that did work out fine for at least the first year. Now that my kid is starting to vocalize his opinions and is aware of Cocomelon songs existing on my phone, though, there’s more backseat dissent than I can tolerate if the entertainment isn’t tailored to his tastes.

I know. Don’t give in. But I do. And on those days when I can’t stand yet another round of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” we’ve found a solution that absolutely delights my inner pre-teen heart. 90S BOY BAND JAMZ.

One of my son’s favorite things to say to people right now is, “Bye!” He waves good-bye to cars that pass, he says “bye!” to everyone at the library, I respect immensely his ability to say “bye bye!” and wave in any situation he wants to leave. So, obviously, *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” was an instant hit. I was a Backstreet girl, myself, so to my delight, my son loves chiming in on the “yeaahhhhhh” part of the chorus in BSB’s “Everybody.” Our pre-Millenium pop songs are so simple that most contain hooks with vocabulary words popular with toddlers– a win/win for your kid passenger and your “I’m totally a cool mom in her 30s” self. You’re welcome.

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