About the super qualified author

I’m Brittney, a 31-year-old new mom living in the Midwest. Obviously that picture is pre-kid since I was able to take down a flight of beer and still remember my name.

My baby is one baby, my pregnancy was just one pregnancy. These posts are not meant to be a catch all for how your baby will be or how your pregnancy will go. This has all been done the world over literally billions of times, and enough of us have survived the experience to keep sharing about it.

I’m not here to tell you #MomLifeSoHard! or “This is a beautiful life journey, savor every moment of it.” Being a parent is complex. Being a person in the world (especially during a pandemic!) is complex. I’m here to add a little humor to my experience, which you’re allowed to take from what you will or decide isn’t for you.

Oh, and sorry– no baby photos. He’s cute as shit, but we gotta draw the line somewhere & apparently me spamming my Instagram stories with his adorable little face every day isn’t it.