The Return Home

Here’s a post-vacation tip after learning the hard way myself on Monday. My parents graciously watched our toddler for three nights so my husband and I could enjoy the long weekend a few hours away.

What we did: woke up at the hotel, made the 3.5 hour trek back to pick him up, then returned home to go about the rest of our day which included those post-trip things like grocery shopping and lawn mowing.

What we should have done: woke up at the hotel, made the 3 hour trek back home, gone grocery shopping and mowed the lawn in peace, traveled the rest of the way to my parents’ to pick him up.

While you still have childcare, complete those re-entry items that wrap up time away so you don’t feel like an absolute stress ball of fire trying to unload groceries. Of course we missed him and our reunion was adorable, but it would have made no difference to my parents to get a few more hours of grandson time in while we got our affairs in order back at the ranch.

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