Teacher Exit

As if sending my kid to daycare didn’t already include a cornucopia of emotions that often leaves me feeling bereft of sanity, my son’s lead teacher moved away. Prior to motherhood, if someone had explained this scenario to me, I’d have been like, “…yeah? And? So?” But now?!?! It was a gut punch!! I did not see this coming! DO NOT LEAVE ME!! I mean, uh, my child.

She was there on the first day when all of my neuroses could barely fit through the classroom door. She was young and fun and really liked my kid. And, most importantly, he seemed to really like her! Does he care that she’s gone? Hasn’t seemed to notice. But what if, deep down, he does, and this manifests as some sort of subconscious issue with abandonment the rest of his life?!?!

All I’m saying is, no one warned me about this. She was a person I trusted with my kid, and now she’s gone. There aren’t too many adults who know the ins and outs of his likes and quirks, and now there’s one less of them in his orbit. So, Natalies, gird your loins for this one of- I’m sure- a billion seemingly innocuous things that will absolutely level you emotionally.

Though it’s nice to have the heads up that I’ll apparently require hospital-level sedation when he switches classrooms later this year.

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