Check, Please

When dining out with your kid in tow, ask for the check right after the food comes. Once your plates arrive and the server asks, “Is there anything else I can get you?” that’s your cue to say, “We’ll take care of the check now. Thanks!”

A fun time out can turn into the stress circus of your nightmares in mere seconds when small children are involved. It’s far easier to scoop up and flee with all belongings and offspring if you don’t have an open tab. Murphy’s Law states that the time your kid has a blowout/ screaming tantrum/ knocks over everything is also when your server never again comes by the table and you’re left waiting to give someone your credit card for 20 minutes. Be proactive, pay early. Lingering conversation and “just one more” after dinner are frivolities now reserved for date nights with a sitter.

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