Diaper Boxes

Hi there, new parents. You know those cardboard, kinda-big-but-not-too-big, boxes that diapers come in? SAVE EM. Yes, baby might like playing with one or two, but they have an even greater purpose in life.

Always keep an empty one in or near baby’s closet. When they outgrow an item of clothing, throw it (well, fold it, if you’re at all a neater person than I am) in the box. When it gets full, tape that sucker shut & Sharpie on the outside what size or season of clothes are in there.

You’ve now saved yourself that Saturday afternoon of sifting through 6-12 months worth of too small clothing because you’ve done it as needed throughout the year. If you have another kid, pull out the boxes when it’s time to stock their wardrobe. If you don’t, you can hand down, donate or sell the clothes that are already separated by size!

You’re welcome.

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