Advice from Natalie

Natalie had her baby!!!

She’s already paying it forward and sharing words of wisdom to all of our other Natalies who are not-so-patiently gestating their offspring.

“I didn’t know how many people come in & pull down your pants just to check.”


If you weren’t yet aware, after you give birth, the nurses and doctors will come in quite regularly to push on your stomach (ow.) You’ll think everything inside gushed out when the kid made their exit, but ohhhh buddy is there more! This has a very important purpose– retained pieces of the placenta are no joke and can kill you– and you’ll quickly get used to it. Your postpartum high should keep it from hurting too much.

Aside from the pushing, they’ll likely still be up in your business checking on any tearing and stitching that was done. Even if you don’t want to wear the hospital gown for your whole stay (totally valid; other clothes make you feel a bit more fresh post-birth + HOW DO YOU TIE THOSE THINGS?!??!) this is a reason you might want to opt for a robe/ prettier gown option instead of sweatpants. Oh, and if you can’t pee within about two hours of giving birth, they’ll give you a catheter.

If you have a C-section, people will still be coming in to check on your incision and your uterus will still be expelling… stuff. You aren’t spared the weeks of lochia if your baby is born via Caesarean, unfortunately.

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