Vitamin D

No one told me babies need supplemented Vitamin D. Research this before your baby is born, or ask your pediatrician, Natalie! Buy some Vitamin D drops before you come home from the hospital so you don’t send your husband to Walgreens in a panic thinking you’re going to kill your brand new baby if he doesn’t get Vitamin D right away and then he can only find one kind that costs like $35 and you go down an anxiety spiral about how this kid’s vitamin deficiencies are going to send you to the poor house.

Spoiler alert: your baby will be fine for a few days without Vitamin D. When researching supplement options, generally the least amount of drops to get to the daily requirement is better (a brand that delivers a daily dose in 1-5 drops vs. a whole dropper full since some babies– not mine, he’ll drink literally anything– don’t like the taste and will spit it out. According to our pediatrician, it’s because the Vitamin D tastes like dirt.) Just something I NEVER KNEW and wondered what the hell sort of secret parent society I was supposed to have joined to have learned about Vitamin D drops in advance of his birth.

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