*Taps Mic*

No one asked for this.

But what can I say, I’m a giver.

My husband says some people in the world “value privacy” and don’t live their lives “like an open wound.” (Direct quote!!) I’ve never been one of those people. I’ve held the opinion that my own thoughts are of the utmost importance since the age of 5 when I picked out my first “diary” at Sam’s Club (turns out it was actually a blank recipe book. First lesson of this blog: kids are dumb.)

Despite the fact that my brother found, read, and shared my PRIVATE THOUGHTS multiple times, that I had to apologize to a classmate’s parent for what I wrote about their precious son in the school newspaper (obviously I had a crush on him, Tina, and my plan to gain his attention backfired horribly) and that I am absolutely crushed by criticism at every turn… let’s do this. Publicly.

There’s no shortage of information for pregnant people and new parents on the Internet. But, reader? There’s a lot they don’t tell you. And there’s certainly no manual for doing it all during a global health crisis. They say, “It takes a village!” but I’m here to ask what the hell we’re supposed to be doing now that COVID has taken away our proverbial (and real?) villages.

Alright, Natalie. You’ve been demanding I bring back the blog for… a decade now? Time to push.

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